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Hi, We’re Anna and Aaron, a husband-and-wife photography team based in Denver, Colorado. We’re available to shoot throughout the United States and worldwide.

Our wedding packages start at $2,400. We can be reached by email at:

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About Anna Newell Jones

I love sweets, I have an identical twin sister, and I would go camping all the time if I could. You’ll never see me turning down breakfast burritos, a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, or a chance to make our baby son, Henry, laugh his head off. Photography came into my life when I was in middle school, after me and my sisters hijacked my dad’s old 35mm Minolta camera for an impromptu, and very sassy, photo shoot. I loved seeing how the photographs turned out, and I was instantly in awe of the camera and the entire photographic process. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2000 and my amazement with photography continues. I feel super lucky that we’re able to photograph the biggest moments in people’s lives. The full impact of what we are able to do hits me when I think about how our photographs will get passed down from generation to generation. I feel a little cheesy saying it but, it really is such an honor to be invited into lives.

About Aaron Jones

Hello. I’m Aaron. I make up the “Jones” half of Newell Jones + Jones Photography. Here is a 30 second run-down about me: I dig American history (especially the Revolutionary War), I prefer non-fiction over fiction, ice cream to frozen yogurt, and movies over television. I usually have some sort of facial hair, but lately I’ve been going the clean-shaven route which has, so far, drawn mixed reviews. I’ve been told, mainly by my mom, that I’m funny, and I’ve also been told that I pronounce words in funny ways. I will try to befriend every neighborhood cat I meet and usually it works. Besides all that stuff, I take pictures. A lot of pictures. During the day I work at a photo studio (I’m a photo stylist), and we shoot weddings, engagements, families, and other fun stuff as often as we can. When I’m not working in the studio or shooting with Anna, I spend my time shooting my personal work. I’m basically around photography in some form or another 24/7. I never get tired of it. I never will. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we will be seeing you soon!