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The Khandelwal Family – Denver Family Pictures

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We recently photographed the awesome Khandelwal family. We photographed them first when their daughter was 6-ish months old. (Here’s the link to their first family session.) Now, little Laila is running around and is busy as can be. She was getting dirty and being silly and having a lot of fun being mischievious.

We know it can be stressful for parents when the little ones aren’t being super cooperative but we always end up getting the shots we’re going for. Kassy and Alex (the parents) weren’t nervous during their session but I always try to reassure parents that if the kids aren’t into having their pictures taken, we’ll wait it out, and we’ll make it work. We’ve been shooting for a long time and somehow we always make it work! ;) Plus, since we have a little almost 2 year old ourselves we totally get it. From the stress of rounding everyone up, to wanting to make the shoot a success, to just wanting to get that perfect shot of everyone looking great for the holiday card! Yep, we get it. Plus, we like to shoot those messy, imperfect moments, too. If the kids have a meltdown during the session (Laila didn’t, by the way;), that’s where they’re at in life, and those moments are special too. I know someday we’ll miss all the moments of our little guys toddlerhood, even the fussy ones. So, during family sessions we document it all. The good, bad, the happy, the messy, the perfect, and imperfect. We want all the moments to be remembered.

Also, I love that Kassy and Alex wanted to have some shots of just the two of them together, too. We know how easy it can be to let your marriage slide to the back burner when you’ve got little ones. It was sweet to see them valuing their marriage and connection. Definitley a good reminder for me and Aaron to do the same. ;) ♥

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